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for teenagers

  • Skills needed to become capable adults
  • Skills needed to contribute as a responsible member of any household

  • Skills needed to function when they leave home
  • Because these are basic skills that make life easier for all members of society
  • Because their practice empowers individuals

  • Because teenage years are critical times in the development of sense of self.

By Erica L. Green

The New York Times – Dec. 24, 2021

By Esmaeilinasab Maryam, Malek Mohamadi Davoud, Ghiasvand Zahra, Bahrami Somayeh

Elsevier – 2011

Automotive Maintenance

Basic repair and maintenance for combustion automobiles, empowers students how to save money and take ownership of their vehicle.

Basic Food Nutrition

Teaches students the importance of a balanced diet and how food affects energy levels, moods, and health.

How to Navigate Your Emotions

Techniques and demonstrated strategies to steer feelings away from non productive behavior.

Personal Finance

Students learn to write checks, understand checking and savings accounts, personal budgeting and the reasons they need to know how they work.


Simple practices to care for mind, body and soul, and discover inner resources.

Time Management & Organization

Students acquire standard techniques to address individual challenges, and negotiate paths to achieve basic efficiency.

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