Not the only game in … the country

Jul 3, 2021

During the very early stages of developing LEG, figuring out the structure of our program and what topics to offer, was greatly considered. Research related to this idea came with varying results. Our 6 topics seemed to be at the top of the general consensus when recent high school graduates were asked, “What do you wish you would have been taught more of …?”

High schools in Georgia and Alabama have been offering similar programs calling them “Adulting Days.” These adulting days are being taught by their regular teachers, which means more preparation and development for the already overworked, underpaid, and humble heroes that they are.

UC Berkeley began offering an Adulting class just this year, and from what it looks like, is the ONLY class/program of its kind in California. For some reason, the importance of these life-skills has not made its way to the West Coast as much as it has in other parts of the U.S.

LEG offers our 6 topics to students about to enter into adulthood. Teachers, administration, counselors need not be involved. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to give these amazing people a bit of a break. Why add more to their plate when we have a finely tuned and well-researched program at the ready? All at no cost to the school or school district.

Seems like a great way to add our West Coast touch on something that will benefit hundreds – and eventually thousands – of young students.

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