Instructions On The Road To Instructing

Jul 3, 2021

This past Thursday and Friday I was extremely honored to attend the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Fundraising Academy at JFK University. The academy is 4 modules, 1 module per quarter, teaching fundraisers from all walks of life and experience, different levels of fundraising. As the very obvious “green horn” of the group I was so excited to sit back and soak in all the amazing knowledge. At the end of our second day my head was spinning – but in a very fulfilling way. I cannot wait to see what our remaining modules have in store.

I left the JFK University campus with a page long list of tasks. Placing all of them in a doable, chronological order, gave me insight as to where LEG is currently, and where we are heading.

LEG will not survive without generous private donors, and business sponsorships who share our goals and desire to provide the very best program to our students. Part of my newly acquired knowledge came with a better understanding of nonprofits – how they are formed, and how they become a sustainable and successful business.

I feel confident in our development strategies. The partners and relationships we have forged to this point have been amazing. Team LEG is extremely excited for the continued interest and support of our program. Thanks to you all!

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