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We’ve captured some of the reviews we’ve received from students and teachers. We do this to remind you of the value we deliver and the lives you can help change. The LEG team hopes you will be inspired by the difference we make and will be a part of our journey forward.


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“I want to thank you guys for taking your time to teach us these important life skills. I knew very little about credit and banking before you came in and it really helps out that you guys taught about it.”

Megan D

“Although I have only taken one class with LEG, I can tell that their teachers put 100% effort into teaching and making their classes entertaining and easy to follow for the students.”


“LEG is a wonderful program that I’ve had a couple classes with now. They are always excited to teach and genuinely care about the subject.”


What a wonderful idea and program! So much focus has been turned towards tech and coding that our basic life-skills are going away and students leave high school without them! Keep up the great work!


“Great opportunity for students and today’s future adults. There’s nothing not to like abut this program!”


“I believe in what you’re doing. So many kids don’t get the basics of adulting or once taught trade skills. Good luck moving forward.”

MDUSD Administration

“I wish we had a program similar to LEG when I was in high school. It would have been useful to know how to do something simple such as changing my tire when I left for college.”

MDUSD Administration

“LEG is such an amazing program! It provides young people with real-world information and gives them the tools to everyday circumstances. It empowers youth to know-how and be capable of “ADULTING”


“This class really helped to teach me about etiquette in various situations and atmospheres. There was a lot that was new to me and I found it very applicable to everyday life.”


“The Etiquette and Manners Class was really fun! All of the information was really helpful.” 


“Very fun class, pretty interesting plumbing stuff.”


“It was a good learning experience and the information is much needed.”


“…I have to say at first I didn’t want to do this but after the first class (Fall Intensive) I was very happy to learn all of the new things. Thank you very much again!”

Student Parent

“My daughter attended (the Fall Intensive). I think the topics were perfect for teenagers and learning about these topics are necessary and they are not “taught” anywhere as an independent topic. Great!”


“This was a great class! (Etiquette)”

Steve P.

 My son and I recently attended the LEG Fall intensive and really enjoyed it. The home repair course was especially good. Shawn is a natural with the kids and made the class fun, interesting and entertaining. My son enjoyed the personal finance course and felt that it helped him understand money and ways to get credit. LEG is a great organization and really beneficial for high school students who don’t get to learn these practical skills in school. Thanks Shawn!


“This is a great opportunity to learn some basic skills that I think will serve people all thru their lives. Really clear and informative…and fun…I’d highly recommend it.”


“Both teachers did very well! I want to thank both instructors for making my first Etiquette class enjoyable and I look forward to joining more!”


I loved both life skills educators. Both Pam and Shawn were so kind and exciting, they truly brought me joy when learning about something so stressful, ones credit. They were literally so amazing and it was a wonderful experience. I wish they held even more life skill sessions. There are no improvements to be made, as both were very inviting and down to earth, and overall brought me immense joy. It was the best! I think will serve people all thru their lives. Really clear and informative…and fun…I’d highly recommend it.


LEG was absolutely phenomenal. I wish these sessions were offered to all students! Yes, I did receive a gift card, but prior to that, I was genuinely enjoying my time and felt very informed. Personally, I love talking in zoom calls, but other students or educators usually ignore me so I don’t feel invited to speak or ask questions, but both educators were wonderful and brought powerful insight into every question I asked. Not only did I learn about one’s credit, but I also felt supported and appreciated within this community. It was the best experience.


“This was a great class that made sure that I knew exactly what it was that I was being taught. It went into great detail on how to maintain and improve ones credit score and how credit worked. I’m sure I’ll be able to use what I learned in this class for the near future and what comes after.”


“They were every encouraging and wanted to make sure we knew all the material and checked in on us if we were confused. They had good incentives for us to pay attention and participate. I think this would’ve been a cooler experience in person but they did great with what was available.”


“Thank you for speaking to the students about the world of credit. The presentation was interesting and engaging.”


“The whole lesson was very entertaining, it kept me interested the whole time.”


“I really liked how we learned about something that will truly be useful and helpful in our life.”


“I loved the entertainment that went along with this! I had such a good time learning with the help of them!”


“This was such a great class! Before this, I knew nothing about finances and was beyond stressed, but now I feel this sense of relief. Thank you guys so much for helping us out!”


“A great group and workshop. I learned a lot. I am very appreciative of this opportunity.”

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