LEG – The Origin Story

Jul 3, 2021

In the summer of 2019, two Concord Chamber of Commerce members – Shawn Einck and Don Rollins – met at a networking event. Soon into the discussion they realized that they both had a passion for teaching and explored ideas to bring important and essential topics to high school students.

The main ideas for topics came from curriculum once offered in high school that may have been replaced by more “relevant” topics, and the structure for the program came from an increasingly popular event called an “Adulting Day”. The term Adulting has been tossed around by the Millennial and Gen Z generations for the last decade, loosely referring to life-skills one may, no – should have – post high school.

Through the Fall and Winter months of 2019, Don and Shawn continued programmatic and curriculum development, and started off 2020 with a program they are very happy with.

Don ultimately decided to focus more on his Personal Finance business, and pursue other interests, leaving Shawn to lead LEG as President. LEG wouldn’t be LEG without you Don!

Shawn is very proud for the support of the volunteer teachers, school district administration, the Concord Chamber of Commerce, local business sponsors, individual donors, and all of the amazing enthusiasm and positivity that fuels us forward – each and every day.

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned for program updates in our upcoming blogs.

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