Programs for Schools and Community Organizations

The LEG Team spends 50-60 minutes per class fully engaging students with our fun and immersive experience. Afterwards, teachers assign the students with the course review module which is accessed in the student’s learning management system (ie. Google Classroom, Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas…) See below for an example.

We encourage in-person classes, but understand challenges your school may have. We are happy to adjust and find what educational service works best for your students, including Zoom classes.

    What We Teach

    Automotive Maintenance

    Even if you don’t own a vehicle, our students will learn basic repair and maintenance of a car, getting them prepared for situations that may come up.

    Basic Food Nutrition

    Students will learn the importance of a balanced diet, and how foods affect energy, moods, and your body’s health as a whole.

    How to Navigate Your Emotions

    Transitioning from elementary school, and preparing for high school, can be very stressful and emotional. We’re happy to offer ways to steer these feelings to a more healthful path.

    Personal Finance

    Maintaining your finances doesn’t need to be stressful. Our students will be shown tips, tricks, and tools to knowing how to make your finances work for you.


    It’s never too early to start practicing mindfulness. In this course students will learn best practices caring for the mind, body, and soul.

    Time Management & Organization

    Everyone is different, and we all customize our time to suit our lifestyles. Students will gain standardized techniques to help their unique path.

    Each topic has an individual and unique scenario based review module. Students will receive this module in their learning management system. Teachers will track and evaluate retention of materials and completion. Please click to view the Automotive Maintenance and Time Management & Organization review module sample videos.

    Class Fees

    $185 Per Course – Up to 30 student class size

    10% discount for full package registration – All 6 classes

    Travel Fees

    Travel fees are applied to assemblies farther than 19 miles away from LEG’s office business address. Round trip miles are based on the 2022 government rates.

    • $25 – between 20 – 29 miles
    • $35 – between 30 – 39 miles
    • $45 – between 40 – 49 miles
    • $55 – between 50 – 59 miles
    • After 60 miles a charge of $0.585 per mile/round trip

    We are proud to work with some of the finest academic institutions available to young people. We’d like to take an opportunity to share with you some of the incredible schools, districts, and community centers that place their trust in us.

    Are you interested in supplementing your student’s educations with our lessons? If so, reach out to us and we’ll come up with a plan!

    We’d love to see your institution or program listed right here.

    We strive to reach more schools, educate more students, and broaden our educational abilities.

    Schools Reached


    Students Taught

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